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September is Emergency Preparedness Month!

As a top priority, Diamond Roofing recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment to all our employees, our customers and others who entrust their care to us. Although our company takes precautions to prevent emergencies, crises still occur despite all the preventative measures taken. When they do, they require competent action with quick, correct, and decisive responses. And with the nature of our operations usually placing most our employees at locations other than our office facility and outdoors, our company has implemented an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) which provides policies and procedures that represent the our planned response to the most common emergency situations.

To build a strong foundation for preparedness, Diamond Roofing committed to membership and participates in the American Red Cross Ready Rating Program. The Ready Rating program is designed to help organizations get better prepared for emergencies by following essential steps in cornerstone preparedness actions. Participation in this program includes company emergency planning; the development of an EAP based on a comprehensive hazard vulnerability assessment tool; and implementation/maintenance of our plan.

Implementation of our EAP is a step that involves continuity and the key is making preparedness a part of our company culture every day. Beyond our commitment to every day preparedness, our safety committee has designated the month of September to Preparedness Month and key actions that we take during the month include...

  • Training employees about what to do during a disaster or emergency;

  • Acquiring and maintaining needed safety equipment and emergency preparedness supplies;

  • Showing employees how to be prepared at work so they are better equipped to help the our company respond to and recover from an emergency; and

  • Conducting and assessing regular drills and exercises to determine the readiness of our employees.

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