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Extend the Life of the Roof through Regular Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

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Roofing professionals generally agree a good roof system requires proper design, quality materials and quality application to perform successfully.  Yet once the roof system is installed, nothing is more critical to its long-term performance than establishing a Roof Asset Management Program that focuses on regular inspections, preventative maintenance, identifying deficiencies and addressing small concerns before they become major problems. 


One of the most effective ways to achieve long-term roof system performance is for a building owner to have a formal, long-term relationship with a professional roofing contractor.  In order to establish a more meaningful and productive relationship with our customers, we've developed RoofZOOM!


RoofZOOM is a web-based asset management program that is designed to zoom in on our client's roofing data and track activity.  This fully integrated, cloud-based rooftop to desktop lens offers building owners a powerful tool to plan, budget, manage and optimize their roofing portfolio.

How the Program Works:


We carry out an initial free inspection of all sites to get baseline data of your existing roof(s) and their current condition.

A report is created with repairs listed in order of priority, recommendations and pricing.  This is followed by an executive planning meeting to forecast and develop maintenance and capital budgets; as well as establish clear scopes of work and service rates.

You review the report and decide what work gets performed and when.  The data is owned and available to you through Diamond's RoofZOOM customer portal.

Through scheduled preventative maintenance and ongoing inspections, our team will continually maintain your roof and gather the on demand data you need to make decisions.  These measures ensure warranty compliance, so you are always eligible for needed warranty claims.

By participating in our RoofZOOM preventative maintenance program, your organization will receive prioritization on repair projects, quicker emergency response times and faster claims resolutions in the event a claim is required.

Benefits of the Program:

A maintenance program that is proactive rather than reactive.  It helps to identify problems at their early stages when they can be corrected and before they become catastrophic.

Regular maintenance reveals and addresses the cause of leaks before they occur.  Too many owners have their roof systems examined only after a leak and damage has occurred.

A maintenance program allows for a planned, organized approach to the management of your roofing asset which allows for responsible, timely preparation of your long-term capital expenditures.


Ready to Get Started?

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